• Out There On The Ice
  • Blue Water Blues
  • Dear Emily,
  • Kansas
  • Doctor
  • River And The Road
  • Hungover Days
  • The Living Dead
  • My Body Is An Ozone Layer
  • Hello
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Michael Ross
Voice, Baritone Ukulele, Piano, & Wurlitzer
Edgar Castellan
Djembe, Dumbek, Whistling, Melodica, Shakers, & Tambourine

All songs written by Michael Ross except
Out there on the Ice by Cut/Copy
River and the Road by Washington Social Club
The Living Dead by Suede

Recorded & Engineered by Erik Hall @ Hall Studios, Chicago, IL
Additional Tambourine supplied by Erik Hall
Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk @ Stereophonic Mastering, Portland, OR
Album Design by Ansley Whipple
©2010 FirstTakeRecords

Sidewalks is dedicated to the great city of Chicago: The people, music, and streets will always be with me. Thank You Thank You Thank You: Erik Hall, Timothy Stollenwerk, Cris Castellan, Martin Royle, Greg Neusteatter, DJ Barb Wire, Ellen Goodman, Ansley Whipple, Deborah Engel, the good people at Streetside Bar & Grill, and my amazing friends & family for their unconditional fandom.

Past EPs

Where is Love?

All songs recorded by Michael, Fall 2008, with baritone ukulele, pianos, & voice.
'My body is an ozone layer' & 'Dear Emily,' written by Michael. 'Out there on the ice' by Cut/Copy, 'Where is Love?' from 'Oliver.'

Yeah Michael, Peel

All songs recorded by Michael, Summer 2008, with baritone ukulele, piano, & voice.
'Hello?' 'Put yourself out there' & 'Doctor' written by Michael, 'Live it Out' by Metric, 'Put yourself out there' performed with Edgar Castellan on shakers.

Studio Apartment

All songs written/recorded by Michael with acoustic guitar & voice, taken from sessions in 2007